I Am the Universe in Ecstatic Motion...The Official Shae Sterrett, LLC

By the time I finish typing this sentence I will be different than I was when I started typing them. I may not look different, but, I am older, wiser, my cells are different, my skin is different. Crazy right?

Its enthralling and yet completely distracting to think that we are changing every second and every moment. If anything, it should give us hope of the future, not fear of what the future brings.

How easy it is to know that we can change so suddenly, it doesn’t take hours, days, months or years. It takes a breath, a second, a moment. Change cans start RIGHT NOW.

As we all know the universe is all around us, but the universe is also within us. As Rumi, the great poet and Sufi master wrote nearly 800 years ago, “you are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

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What does it meant to be in ecstatic motion. I can say that has been my life for the past nearly eight years.

In that time, I quit a corporate job of nearly 20 years. I started my own business. I worked with several businesses around the country. I began so many new projects and watched they evolve, come to fruition and some fade like the setting sun. I met amazing people and watched them leave, some never to see them again. I’ve traveled to places I never thought I would be in a million years. I left my partner of 15 years for nearly three months while I traveled the world, secretly wondering if he wanted me to come back. I’ve earned money and lost money. Some days I had no idea where the money was coming from. I learned new things and I forgot old fears. I watched my children leave home and dear family pet pass much sooner than I ever thought. I’ve hit my forties and embraced my grey hair.

That is the universe in ecstatic motion. Having your life turned completely upside down from where it has been for nearly 20 years.

And today, it is changing again. For the last two years I’ve been running two businesses somewhat simultaneously - Shae Studios, LLC and Om Under the Sun - never an official LLC but there, brimming with possibility and hope.

So many amazing initiatives, weaving together all my hopes, dreams, passions and consciousness into the life I want and deserve to live. But despite the silos I try to compartmentalize these businesses into it all comes back to one common thread - creating the brand of Shae Sterrett, LLC.

And so it is done.

Starting this month, Shae Studios, LLC and Om Under the Sun, DBA, has been officially rebranded as Shae Sterrett, LLC. The official slogan … “Business. Body. Life. Made Better.”

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That is what I do, make the lives of other humans better.

It starts at home with my partner, my sons, who no longer live at home, but still need guidance as they grow into fine young men. Most of all to myself, learning to love myself more and more every day makes it easier to love others and help others love themselves too.

My experience in sales, marketing, business development and business management allow me to offer small and large businesses, entrepreneurs and daydreamers the opportunity to get more done, to bring their big ideas to life. They just need some organization, someone to help them get it all done, or just help them create a road map to where they want to go.

My experience and extensive training as a yoga teacher, meditation and mindfulness guide is allowing me to offer these ancient practices to people who are trying to survive and thrive in this world we call home.

My passion for connecting with women on a deeper level to experience profound growth, transformation and exploration is becoming stronger each day which is why I will continue to offer monthly women’s circles around topics that I feel are most important to women today. This, coupled with the week long, weekend, and day retreats with amazing artist, teachers, and healers I know, and partnered with a pet project of mine…The Yoni Project. Still coming to terms with what they will look, feel and behave like, but all in due time I know. I have learned to go with the flow, to not force, to trust in the universe.

My experience and passion for travel is allowing me to curate life changing retreats for people all over the world. And I say life changing because that is just what it is. People have returned from my retreats to leave toxic relationships, to write a book, to get engaged, to quit their jobs and pursue their passion. Can you say that about your last vacation?

When you escape the grind, we free our mind in a thoughtful, intentional community filled with plenty of opportunity for rest, relaxation and reflection the deeper meaning of your life may very well be revealed. We aren’t spending our nights drinking waking up with a hangover for 7 days, we are cleansing mind, body and soul, soaking up the rays, filling our bodies with nourishing food, and filling our minds with love, positivity and kindness.

All this reflection is making me look forward to my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica!

So this month I watch Shae Studios, LLC dissolve into Shae Sterrett, LLC, and Om Under the Sun you were short lived, but no less important.

Everything happens for a reason. We grow, we shed, we evolve. As i said to the ladies who attended by retreat last weekend … “it is not about changing, but becoming.”

So I choose to become something of my choosing, bigger, greater, grander. Not in the typical sense, so often inspired by ego and logic, but in the sense of the divine feminine, connecting to inner knowing, beauty, and transformation second by second, moment by moment.

I hope you will join me on the journey, and I hope I can inspire yours too!

Be sure to browse the website www.shaesterrett.com to learn about business services, classes, workshops and retreats happening around the world, and around the world. If you are feeling creative and want to help out I’m looking for a kick-a$$ logo.



Shae Sterrett

Entrepreneur, dreamer, doer, lifestyle coach, business consultant, helping you get more done, live freely and fully with total wellness in mind, body and spirit.