Why You Need to "Walter Mitty" Your Life

Do you have dreams of traveling to Costa Rica, Bali, Europe, Australia...or any of the other amazing places to visit before you die on this planet we call home? 

One of my top ten destinations has been Costa Rica...this small Central American country nestled between El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama has held me captive for years.  With its sandy beaches, expansive coastline and adventurous spirit, not to mention it's health conscious and conservation-minded culture. 

Do a web search for "Costa Rica" and you will instantly find many reasons to succumb to its charm.   You are sure to discover many computer screensaver worthy photos.  

But do you want this beautiful land to be relegated to your screensaver?  Are you going to file your dreams into the "someday" file cabinet?  Well, get ready for some mom-wisdom. 

It's time to "Walter Mitty" your ass and discover Costa Rica for yourself.  

Walter Mitty.png

For those of you who haven't seen Walter Mitty, I beg you to watch it, even if you GASP have to pay for the rental.  It is the journey of a quiet soul, meticulously played by Ben Stiller.  He's spent most of his adult life in the photo vault of LIFE magazine, watching the adventures of come across his desk, across his lens, as he picks and chooses the photos for the magazine.

Despite his quiet demeanor, he has a wild child inside him. 

The premise of the movie is the daydreams of the "someday" moments --- kissing the girl he has a crush on, dominating his antagonizing, new boss, a spacewalk --- and deciding to act on them.  On the journey, he discovers the art of living and realizes everything that he has missed out on because he put it in the someday file and spent all his time taking care of everyone else. 

So back to this Costa Rica thing, and surprise this isn't really about Costa Rica. Although it is by far one of my favorite places on the planet.  This is really about a bigger question. Are you going to stay a daydreamer or do you finally realize you are tired of watching life pass you by? 

LIfe is meant for living.  The first retreat I went on completely changed my life.  When I returned I quit my job, started my own business, began offering my retreats, invested in extensive training and workshops to offer my clients transformational journeys where they could rest, relax, and "escape the grind".  When we remove ourselves from the energetic seck that happens day in and day out, it is truly amazing how much self-love, creativity and passion flows in.

I've not only experienced it, I've seen it happen.      

But, you know the best thing about Walter Mitty, he went on his adventures, he rocked his world, but he came back to exactly the life he had before, and his change in perception completely changed his sense of life, happiness and fulfillment.  We can't always change the world around us, but we can change the world within us. 

You can’t change the world around you, but you can change the world within you.
— Shae Sterrett

I'd love to be a part of your journey to transformation, change, happiness. 

Try one of my classes, workshops or retreats to rediscover yourself. 

Shae Sterrett

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