Build Your Blog

Personal, professional and corporate blogging partner to help you share your story with the world.

Build Your Blog with Shae Sterrett

There are nearly three million blog posts written each day all around the world, shouldn’t you be telling your story too?

Businesses, professionals, and personal blogs posts are vital to the way we share our story with the world around us. Blogs offer so many benefits, including, but not limited to building our brand, website, sales, and industry influence.

Isn’t it time to get serious about your blog?

I have helped launch, maintain and create blog content for multiple blogs over the last decade and I can help you start and manage your blog too!

My services include:

  • Design a website for your blog - you can’t start a blog if you don’t have platform for it.

  • Corporate Blog Management - Business todays are using their blogs to increase SEO and inbound links but they need regular content and I can help you do that.

  • Social Media & Blogging - One of the best ways to capitalize on your blog is by sharing it on social media channels, I can help you design a social medial strategy to capitalize on your blog content.

  • Monthly Content Calendar - Let me help you create a monthly content calendar to save you considerable time and effort.

  • Content Creation - I can help you come up with content and write articles.

  • Call to Action - All good blogs should have a “Call to Action” aka CTA so as traffic increase you can also measure engagement and lead generation.

  • Blog branding - Let me help you come up with your blog brand story, logo and platform set up like social media and email.

A company blog can improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) [and] increase traffic to your website via inbound links..”