Business Development

Are you looking for new ways to build your business?

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We all have a personal product or service we can offer to the right client, what we often lack is the time to do all the research to understand where to invest our time and money to uncover new potential clients and business.

Maybe you need a helping hand to organize and conduct the outreach to create a business development plan.

With nearly a decade of experience in luxury sales and business development planning, I have many resources and tools available that can help you understand potential new markets and clients.

My services include:

  • Design a website for your business - It is hard for people to find you if you don’t have a digital presence today. Let me help you get your website off the ground

  • Lead Acquisition Management - Let me help you set up some of todays most successful platforms for lead acquisition and business development

  • Market Research - Looking to enter a new market but need to know more about it, let me help you dive into new markets and get you the info you need

  • Competitive Analysis - Competitors play a large role in the success of our business and new business initiatives, let me help you understand your competitors for existing or new products and services to get you the information you need

  • Customer Analysis - Let me help you work with todays leading data platforms to analyze your customers and figure out who you ideal customer is so you can find more of them.

Looking for a service but don’t see it listed here, get in touch!