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Which types of person are you?

Are you an entrepreneurs or solopreneur? Do you have a great idea and really need help bringing it to life. Whether that is a new office or a new service?

Or, are you an established businesses feeling understaffed and overwhelmed - like things are falling through the cracks a little too often.

Are running out of time in the day, facing budget shortages to hire a full time person, or just really need that helping hand with experience, insight, and ability to help you ?

As a business consultant, I offer affordable, reliable, and efficient business solutions that help you get more done without costly overhead, missed deadlines, and unhappy, overstressed employees.

Shae was highly recommended to me by a seasoned in-bound marketing company in Seacoast, NH because I needed more “personalized” attention than they could offer. Shae has been a tremendous resource for me and is laser-focused on project management, marketing strategy, content creation and “out of the box” ideas. 
— S. Biddle, Cirexx International, Inc.

Great Ideas Just Waiting to Be Born


Whether its a project management, or a large scale email automation campaign, pulling together a presentation for an upcoming sales retreat, or business development ideas, I can help you get more done - quickly, efficiently and affordably.

“Shae is a great self-starter who takes initiative. She confidently executes a task from start to finish while remaining pleasant and professional to work with.”
— A Bemis, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Trusted Services By An Experienced Professional

Nearly 20 years experience working in a variety of settings including higher education, non profit and for profit companies.  I've worked in a variety of business capacities - administration, sales, marketing, Web design and development, reporting, analytics, strategy, social management content management, email automation, business development, project management, asset management and more.  

  • Low maintenance

  • Efficient and reliable

  • Affordable

  • I am a flexible and dynamic team member

  • Can work independently or in a collaborative small or large team environment

  • Easy to work with

  • Creative

  • Reliable

  • Experienced in a variety of platforms for lead generation, CRM, email marketing & more

  • Enthusiastic to get the job done and help you achieve your goals

Shae has strong marketing skills with detailed-oriented research ability and works very well in a fast paced environment and strives to meet high goals.