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Lifestyle coaching to help you explore self, tap into desires and create endless possibility to live radiantly.

Ready to find your spark again and step into your power?

We all get a little lost on this path we call life.

We are living in a digital world where we are disconnected from others, from a strong social network, and more and more from ourselves.

Feelings of stress are overwhelmingly common and taking a physical toll on our bodies.

Our life at work and at home are strained and/or stagnant. We feel unmotivated and lethargic.

We all want to live more radiantly, but sometimes we need a helping hand to guide us toward that “destination“.

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Live Radiantly With Shae Sterrett
What does living radiantly mean to me is the ability to visualize what you want in your life, to know that you deserve it and you are willing to accept it when it comes your way.
— Shae Sterrett, Radiant Life Guide

What Does It Mean to Live Radiantly?

When we are living radiantly we experience:

  • Reconnection to the soul to give voice to your true desires, passions and purpose for this life.

  • Recognizing the body as a temple and the ways in which you care for it to look and feel beautiful.

  • Learning to quiet the monkey mind, and ego-driven lifestyle to find the pause to truly BE.

  • Understanding our emotions and emotional response to the world around us.

  • Accepting areas of our life where we need support and establishing a collection of tools to guide your transformation.

  • Focusing less on “changing” into something else or more than you are, and instead on becoming what you were born to be.

  • Remembering you are allowed to have dreams and desires and have those fulfilled.

  • Learning to let go of attachment so you can recalibrate throughout your life.

  • Living from a place of abundance instead of lack.

Why Work With a Radiant Life Guide?

When you work with a Radiant Life Guide you can:

  • Harness tools to nurture connection to soul.

  • Discover how to feel and experience your body again.

  • Connect with your heart and your emotions.

  • Find gratitude for your breath and this one life you have to live.

  • Develop greater awareness of the power of your mind to create & destroy.


This and so much more…

You might notice from the list above that working with a Radiant Life Guide is about harnessing your inner power.

Oftentimes people rely on an external force to manifest change, joy, or contentment. A new partner, a new job, a new baby, a new vacation, more money. But what happens when all those things go away, you are left right where you started and searching for something or someone new to fulfill you.

A Radiant Life Guide can help you tune back into the entity that has always been with you, your mind, body, soul connection.

When was the last time you put a hand to heart to feel it beating within your chest?
When did you last put a palm to your belly to feel the inhalation and exhalation of breath?
We ignore two of the life’s greatest gifts every day.
— Shae Sterrett

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Transformed people transform people.
— Richard Rohr

What Kind of Wisdom Inspired a Radiant Life Guide to Serve Others?

Over ten years ago now I took my first yoga class. Little did I know I was just skimming the surface. From there I immersed myself in the eight limbs of yoga, yoga philosophy, and slowly weaving in the practices that would transform my life like meditation and mindfulness.

I have traveled extensively which is profoundly enriching on more than one level to my personal transformation and the gifts I am able to give back to those I serve.

I have completed in-depth trainings in yoga, philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, self-empowerment and exploration. I have fought through blood, sweat and tears to break down limiting beliefs that were holding me back from creating the life that was always waiting for me once I pulled back the veil of my fears.

I also have an relentless thirst for and pursuit of knowledge learning from today’s thought leaders in soul work, yoga and yoga therapy, neuroscience, spirituality, energetic healing and more.

Through my own personal transformation I have acquired the greatest gift of all compassion for those on the path of transformation themselves.

What Kind of Tools Can I Expect To Use As Part Of My Experience?

As a Radiant Life Guide I have a collection of tools to offer my clients. Sometimes

  • Exercises around self-reflection and self-study

  • Specific journaling exercises

  • Private and group yoga

  • Introduction to and practice of meditation for your life

  • Cultivating mindfulness for your life

  • Recommended readings

  • 30 day “challenges” for habit reformation

  • Identifying healers or healing practices that can help you during your transformation

  • Setting intentions and goals

  • Learning to speak your truth, so no, say yes, and understand your desires

  • Inspiration for beauty and self-confidence

  • Exploration of emotions, feelings and how we use them to interact and create our world

  • Creative expression through art, movement, writing, dance

  • Nature exploration

  • Oracle cards

  • Evaluating time management and energy management

  • Prioritizing self-care

  • Identifying ways to create more freedom in your life

  • Helping you to create a social network for ongoing support

There is no one tool, or one method that works for everyone. Everyone is unique and different - which makes you so special.