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It's time to get more done.

Affordable, efficient, creative and reliable business solutions personalized to meet your needs. 

One of the biggest concerns I hear from clients is that their offices are understaffed, their workload is overflowing and there isn't enough money in the budget to add on full-time staff.  Whether its a simple project management or a large scale email automation campaign, pulling together a presentation for an upcoming sales retreat, or business development ideas, let me help you get more done - quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Shae has contributed to the growth and success of our products. Shae has strong marketing skills with detailed-oriented research ability and works very well in a fast paced environment and strives to meet high goals.”
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Live Well & Love Life

Health and wellness solutions personalized to meet your needs. 

I offer personal consulting and coaching for individuals looking to reconnect with their body, their mental and spiritual health.  We are surrounded with stress everyday from work, relationships, social media, daily news and world events - this is more evident than ever before when we look at the staggering health statistics of our society and the chronic overuse of medications to deal with it.  There IS another way.    

What a wonderful class yesterday. It was a gift to be a student of yours and [we] both felt very soft and at ease after the class
— KG & RG, Yoga Clients


Retreats, Lifestyle Escapes & Workshops 

Carefully curated just for you.

Are you ready to escape the grind and free your mind?  Get away from the day to day to rediscover and tap into what matters most - our health, our happiness, our presence - and savor the bliss of having all the planning being done for you! When you join our tribe we offer carefully curated retreats with a variety of activities, free time, rest, and relaxation combined with creative workshops, movement and mindfulness activities.  Disconnect from the stresses of life and reconnect with yourself to learn to live, love and laugh again with an awesome tribe of people.

I went to Costa Rica with Shae and It was literally a life-changing and perspective shattering event. I was able to get away from the demands of my life, relax, explore and do yoga in paradise...I will always be grateful for this experience and the amazing women who have become my friends.
— L. WALTERS, Retreat Client

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How can I help you today?

Maybe, you are interested in my classes, workshops, or retreats? Looking for a private treatment or coaching? Maybe you’d like some helping starting your business or launching a website.

I offer innovative, affordable and personalized solutions and resources to help you run a better business, create a better life and live healthier and happier. 



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Shae put together a lovely retreat! I was so happy with the planning, retreat center choice, food, lodging, accommodations, activities and excursions... everything! The entire experience was absolutely life changing ... it was one of the best weeks of my life!!
— K Linxweiler, Retreat Client