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Over the last two years 90% of our guests are return clients. I believe this is because people appreciate the organization, facilitation and overall experience, plus we offer retreats in a variety of destinations.
— Shae Sterrett, Owner

I offer life transformative retreats in the world's most beautiful locations with some of the best healers, teachers and coaches in the WORLD. This is MORE than just a vacation. We do all the work, you arrive to rest, relax, reflect and experience one of the most unique retreat experiences in the world, with a focus on self-care in a way you may never have imagined or experienced, but is sure to inspire you beyond your wildest dreams.

“The week was extremely affordable, and I was truly pleased with the value. Plus, there was an undeniable ROI: memories, wellness, knowledge, new friends and a kick-butt tan”


JUNE 21 - 27, 2020

The Joy of Life, a Life of Joy

7-Day Summer Retreat Carrapateira, Portugal

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Get ready to escape the grind and experience immediate relaxation!

Travel with intention to the beautiful, unspoiled country of Portugal for a personalized wellness retreat like no other along the Algarve Coast.

Choose from a selection of personalized wellness experiences to nurture and nourish mind, body and spirit or sink into a hammock for rest and relaxation. This week is all about you, let us spoil you.

Ready to reserve your spot with a $250 deposit?

  • Discover the Algarve Coast

  • Experience luxurious retreat accommodations

  • Stay at a private retreat center

  • Delicious nourishing meals

  • Massage, bodywork & sauna on site

  • Daily yoga, meditation and inspiring classes

  • The ultimate wellness experience

  • Learn practices to thrive in our busy world

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Wanted to share some successes. Hit my initial 10 lbs weight loss goal. Still gluten free. 2 yoga, 1 spin and 1 body pump class a week. I continue to get encouragement from you all. A thank you also goes out .... for increasing accountability to yoga.
— JS from S.C., Costa Rica Guest

“This trip was amazing.  As a mom, I’ve spent the last decade devoting myself to making sure my kids are well and happy.  And everything else came first, kids, spouse, work, church, friends… with no time for me….”
— Laura, Retreat Guest
Laura, Athena, and Amanda laughing it up on the beaches of Costa Rica!

Laura, Athena, and Amanda laughing it up on the beaches of Costa Rica!

…I went on this trip because as my youngest was becoming a teen and pulling away, I realized that eventually he would grow up and move out, and I wasn’t sure who I would be left with.  Who am I if I’m not a mom? Am I just my job?  How boring is that! I went on this trip with the hope of self-discovery, and I realized, I’m much more than “just a mom”.  I’m a friend, and a person who loves travel and life and can make friends easily.  Going away with these 19 women will forever be a turning point for me.  It’s improved my love life with my spouse, helping me realize that we need to take care of each other as people, and not just as parents.  I really found my younger self on this trip, reminding me that life is full of wonder and fun, and I need to take better care of myself so I can continue to have years of passionate experience of all life has to offer.  We all need tribes of women in our lives… so very desperately.  I’m very thankful of my experience in Costa Rice and it makes me even more determined and thankful of my tribe of women I’m building back home."

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I highly recommend this retreat with [Shae and Amanda], 2 beautiful souls. They do all the work, keep you updated on everything that is going on.
— T. Cronin, Retreat Guest


JANUARY 10 - 12, 2020

The Year of You

4 Rooms Left

3-Day Women’s Retreat Made River Valley, Vermont

  • Enjoy a luxurious Vermont ski lodge

  • Hot tub on site

  • Fun workshop to inspire your new year

  • Massage on site

  • Gourmet Private chef all weekend

  • Community and Networking

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Kick start your new year like never before with an immersive women’s retreat in the quintessential countryside of beautiful Vermont with Shae Sterrett.

During this weekend a small group of women will come together 3 days of self-reflection, empowerment and dare I say, transformation.

Ready to snag your spot? Reserve below with $100 deposit.