There is a growing collective of women seeking to create real change in their lives, and the lives of others.   In a world gripped by consumerism, commercialism, anger, hatred and chaos, we believe there is another way.   The Yoni Project offers the other way, lead by the power of the divine feminine. We are the light, we bring the light. We shine brightest in the darkest places.  Let us light the way for you.

The Yoni Project seeks to offer:

  • Personal coaching and consulting for women
  • A support network for women, single mothers, young adults and children
  • Monthly tribal gatherings for personal development, community and creativity
  • Training & workshops
  • Classes for women in empowerment, self defense, and transformation
  • Financial coaching and mentoring
  • Programs for schools
Never doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world...
— Margaret Mead