Deepen Your Connection to Self.

I am excited to host, curate, and participate in workshops around the area - and the world. 

I love creating opportunity for intentional community and the true human experience - off social media and technology - and face to face with others.

Workshops are a great way to connect with others, but also immerse yourself in a unique, personalized and supportive learning environment, This can be especially helpful if you are diving into something new, like yoga, meditation and wellness, where a class setting may be a bit intimidating.

Check out my upcoming workshops below and get in touch to learn more. 

Women’s Circles

Empowering Women, Changing the World

Tribe, Personal Development & Fun

Over the last three years I have manifested a powerful tribe of women for friendships, networking, and connecting. There is so much power, inspiration and support that comes from intentional community as we inspire and uplift each other wherever we are in life. It is a vital practice for self care. I try to keep this women’s circle 100% FREE, but ask for donations to cover the cost of the space rental (About $40) and ask that you bring your own alcoholic beverage and snack to share.

Each time women gather in circles with one aother, the world heals a little more.
Fall Women's Circle Flyer.jpg